Monday, June 27, 2011

bloggers like Melvin!

Melvin and The Boy will soon be appearing in bookstores!!! And a couple great bloggers have some exceptionally nice things to say about this turtle. Hooray! Many thanks to Travis Jonker over at 100 Scope Notes for writing what is probably the most complimentary book review I have ever received. You can head over to his blog to read the whole review if you'd like. Here's a clip that made me smile from ear to ear:
"The text is a strong point, as Castillo does wonders with an extremely small word count. Succinct, yet crystal clear, this is a book that will work with very young children.

The illustrations put Melvin and the Boy squarely into Caldecott territory. Castillo uses a unique acetone transfer with markers and watercolor, and the results are gorgeous. The composition of each illustration is masterful, and the spreads are especially memorable, bursting with subtle skill."

And thanks to another outstanding blogger, Tasha Saecker over at Waking Brain Cells, for her oh-so-kind review of Melvin! Wander over to her blog for the entire review. Here's a little snippet:
"This is the first book that Castillo has both written and illustrated.  Her writing is pitch perfect here, offering just enough detail and with the right phrasing and tone.  It really feels as if a child was speaking in first person without becoming distracting. "

Thank you both so much for recognizing little Melvin and the boy! xo~Lauren

Friday, June 17, 2011

Character sketches!

Here's some character sketches I did for a new project I'm working on titled THE READER (written by Amy Hest). A boy, a dog, and snow—what could be better?

Sunday, June 12, 2011



Melvin and the Boy have finally arrived!!! 

My first book as author comes out in less than a month, and I'm pretty excited. Will share much more very soon!
(It is available for pre-order here if you're interested)