Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brooklyn Museum

Yesterday was the annual Brooklyn Museum Children's Book Fair, and I was happy to be part of it once again this year. There were a bunch of great authors and illustrators, all from Brooklyn, participating in the event. We were there signing from 1-5pm. pheeew! Was a very nice turnout, and especially exciting to be able to share a table with Paul!


Sergio said...

Hi Lauren,

I wanted to come by your desk and say hello, but there was no way to leave my desk until 5pm, and then it was too late and I didn't find you...

I hope to have another chance soon!

Sergio R.

Lauren Castillo said...

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for visiting my blog! You know, I knew you were going to be there and then completely forgot to search for you during the event -- they kept us crazy busy till the very end, didn't they!?! :-)

Hope to meet you one of these days!