Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mainichi Weekly interview article

Last month I sat down with the lovely Yoshina Watanabe for a little interview about me and my work. Yoshina is a New York City based journalist who writes a monthly column about NY artists for the Japanese newspaper, Mainichi Weekly. Below is the scanned article (which you can click on if you'd like to read) that hit newsstands a couple of weeks ago in Tokyo, Japan. Thanks so much, Yoshina!


tim b said...

Her illustrations are full of warmth and a sense of wonder, and they invite us to step into the world of stories.

Can't say it better than that.


taeeun yoo said...

This is wonderful Lauren! congratulations! :-)

Lauren Castillo said...

That's so very kind of you, Tim--Thanks!
And thank you too, Tae :)

Julia Denos said...


Brian Floca said...

You're big in Japan! As you deserve to be. Very nice piece. And I loved the idea and image of you drawing from paused Disney movies. But photo-realism! I had no idea!

Lauren Castillo said...

Ha, hardly big Brian! And yes, I "attempted" photo-realism -- If I can get my hands on some old work, I'll scan and show you! Thanks for reading it :)

Thanks to you, too, Julia!