Friday, May 15, 2009

Yippie, Buffalo Music won a state award!

I received an exciting letter last month by the Daughters of the Republic Texas Library announcing that Tracey Fern and I won the 2008 June Franklin Naylor Award for our book Buffalo Music!

The Naylor Award, endowed by the family of June Franklin Naylor and sponsored by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library, is given annually to the author and/or illustrator of the most distinguished book for children that accurately portrays the history of Texas, whether fiction or nonfiction. A former schoolteacher and long-time resident of Odessa, Mrs. Naylor served as President General of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Inc., from 1989-1991.

Tonight is the Historical Dinner where the award is presented. Sadly, I am not in Killeen, Texas and won't be able to accept it. I'm not sure if Tracey will be there either...unfortunate! But nonetheless, I am very thrilled and honored that Buffalo Music was chosen as this years recipient--thanks to the DRTL committee!


shadrieka said...

Do it L., do it!

You should prepare a speech and recite it to me and the dove this evening. lol

sdzsmith said...

Wooohoooo! Congrats - with all of the authors and illustrators out there, it's really an honor to be recognized for your work! Love your style.

taeeun yoo said...

This is wonderful news!!!
Congratulations Lauren!! do it, do it!!! lol

Lauren Castillo said...

Thank you ladies :)

Selina Alko said...

Congratulations, Lauren! very exciting!!!

Lauren Castillo said...

Thanks, Selina!!