Tuesday, September 6, 2011

International Society for Animal Rights

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 Last month I had the pleasure of donating a signed copy of my book Melvin and the Boy as part of a raffle to help raise money for ISAR's (International Society for Animal Rights) International Homeless Animals' Day
Here's a bit about this annual event:                                                                          "In 1992, ISAR introduced International Homeless Animals’ Day as an innovative educational vehicle with a purpose of informing society of the global tragedy that overwhelms animal shelters each year – pet overpopulation. Since the conception of International Homeless Animals’ Day, ISAR has reserved the third Saturday of August, commemorating the Day annually, to promote new campaigns, programs, and ideas on the solution to the pet overpopulation epidemic: spay/neuter."

If you're interested in learning more about ISAR, or would like to help, please head over to their website for more information.

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ISAR said...

Hi Lauren!

Thank you for donating a signed copy of your book, "Melvin and the Boy" for ISAR's raffle during our 20th anniversary of International Homeless Animals' Day. We really appreciate your kindness!

The winner of the basket containing your wonderful story went to a woman with grandchildren who will now have the pleasure of losing themselves in a printed journey with amazing illustrations while learning important messages about responsible pet care.

As a result of ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day in Scranton, PA, more than 250 people gathered to shed light on the pet overpopulation epidemic while ISAR's worldwide participation included more than 30U.S. States and 14 foreign countries.

We will continue to enlighten others about this global tragedy - pet overpopulation and promote its simple solution - spay/neuter!

Thank you once again!

Colleen Gedrich
ISAR Program Coordinator