Thursday, January 10, 2013

New year, new sketchbook

 sketches around Union Square: 1/3/2013


Jeff Rivera said...

Wow your sketches are all amazing, from this building you've done, it really looks like real images. I browse along with the bookshelf section in your blog and found a lot of interesting books illustrated by you which is really attracting and eye-catching. I really do believe that a good book especially children’s books should have a great and impressive cover and illustrations, like what you did. You are making a perfect job for covers and illustration inside your books. Keep it up. You know as an author of children’s book, I always prefer to always have eye-catching and perfect cover photo for my books too because this is primarily the first impression everyone can see when they got to look at any books. Well, I am wishing you more works for 2013 and I will definitely want to see more of the interesting sketches that you will have in the future.

Lauren Castillo said...

Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind note, Jeff! Happy 2013 to you :)