Friday, March 15, 2013

a page full of nana's

Sketches for NANA IN THE CITY; Clarion books; Coming Fall 2014

I've just begun character studies for my next (3rd) book as author, Nana in the City, about a boy who travels to the city to visit his nana and needs a little convincing about why the city is a good place (for a nana) to live. I'm looking forward to jumping in to final art this spring!


Even in Australia said...

I love this idea. My kids have two nanas who live in the city - one who always lived here and one who moved back here after a long time in the burbs. The city is a great place to retire to!

Lauren Castillo said...

Thanks so much for your note! It's nice to hear that your kids nanas both live in cities -- I agree it's a great place to retire to :)