Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Big Cat Pepper sample

While I am working away on final art for Big Cat Pepper, by Elizabeth Partridge, I wanted to share one of my pieces in progress. I decided to work differently for this book, compiling several handmade overlays digitally, rather than working completely traditionally with acetone transfers and paint/marker. It has been a challenge, but working in a brand new way feels refreshing, and certainly keeps it interesting...


Julia Denos said...

i love the look of this, the texture is so nice. so cool you are doing a new book in a totally different way!

it's funny, now i am trying to do my stuff more traditionally for the book i am working on, but it's so hard to escape the ease of corrections and texture composition in Photoshop.

digital DEFINITELY saves time! have you noticed that on this book?

good luck on the rest!

Elizabeth Partridge said...


I love what you are doing! I just stopped by to see... if I'd find any sneak peeks of Big Cat Pepper and YES! It's wonderful to see your palate. And the boy and the beautiful expression on his face... and the backyard with so many details.

I'm glad you're stretching in a new way. It sure is working out well.


Paul Hoppe said...

This will be another really cool book ;-P

Lauren Castillo said...

Thanks so much, all!

Julia: how funny we've swapped methods -- yes, the digital-ness is definitely more freeing...but then I find myself noodling around WAY too long on tiny details that I wouldn't be stressing about if working on actual paper. Probably just need more time to adjust :)
Good luck with your book, too -- can't wait to see it!!

Elizabeth: So happy that you are liking the finished art -- thanks for your encouragement!

Anuj said...

This looks fab.

I wouldn't have known that it was digitally composed... Even though I want to be a purist when it comes to traditional media, I must admit this is great. Let's see some more!


Andy J Smith illustration said...

Very interesting! It's certainly fun to try new techniques and particularly rewarding when the results are as satisfying as in the image you posted. Really top of the line work!