Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My NEW print shop!

FINALLY, the Etsy shop I've been wanting to set up is alive!!!
I had been selling prints of my work through my website, but I like the idea of being part of a much larger community of artists -- there are some amazing (and affordable) handmade works on Etsy, from jewelry, to greeting cards, to paintings, screen prints, to clothing, bags and so on...great great great!
Here's the link to my shop.
It is still in the works, but I hope you'll check it out anyway :-)


Eric Orchard said...

It looks great Lauren! Congratulations, I hope you sell a bunch and make many new fans.

e.b. goodale said...

Hi Lauren,
Thanks for you nice comment on my blog! I really enjoy your work as well and I also love reading your blog.

I'm working on a picture book right now. No publisher yet but keep your fingers crossed!

Good luck on ETSY! I'm constantly browsing it in my spare time. I'll look for your shop.


Julia Denos said...

Yay Lauren! this is awesome....the prints look great.

I yearn for an ETSY shop...I made a little header and then work attacked!

But where oh where is your overturned buffalo print? I am guessing since it was published art, it's a No No? I've actually told Emily literally, while flipping through Buffalo Music at the store, "I want this spread on my wall!"