Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back in BK

Happy July all!

I've returned to sweltering hot Brooklyn, after a very relaxing cruise vacation. I admit, it is extremely hard to get back in to work mode... BUT, I do have two exciting projects I'm looking forward to working on for the remainder of this year. One, a picture book written by the talented Maribeth Boelts. And the other a chapter book written by the highly acclaimed Ann Cameron. I'll share more about both of these later on this summer!

Now, I didn't get to do that much drawing on my trip because we weren't in one place long enough. But I did get to see a lot, and took many photos. Here's a shot of my favorite location on the trip, The El Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico. Absolutely breathtaking views, and a must see if you visit Puerto Rico!Ok, now back to the [steamy] drawing board!!!


Vicki said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to see the new projects!

Herm & I missed El Yunque when we went to Puerto Rico... well, we actually rode by it on a crazy bus journey, but didn't stop. Next time.

Sarah Jane said...

OH I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful time! Who wouldn't with a place like that!
And congrats on the new book titles! That is wonderful! Can't wait to hear how they go.

Lauren Castillo said...

Thank you, Vicki and Sarah!

Vicki, YES, you guys definitely need to go next time you're there! I can give you the email of our tour guide too--he was very informative and entertaining :)

Sarah, can't wait to see more from your upcoming X-mas book!!