Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Like Soccer

I started working on a new picture book this summer, written by Maribeth Boelts, currently titled Happy Like Soccer. It's a great story, and I've been having a fun time drawing the world of main character, Sierra. It's been perfect timing, really. I got to watch many games of the World Cup WHILE drawing roughs for the book. What awesome inspiration!
And now I'm beginning the final art stage, which is always both exciting and nerve-racking. I think, no matter how many books I will have completed, there will always be initial moments of uncertainty...Them's the breaks :)
BUT, I'm looking forward to these next couple months of art-making. Nothing compares to creating a picture book...It's the greatest job in the world (if I do say so myself)!


KarenHarveyCox said...

I just found your work on etsy, in search of Coney Island and pink taffy theme. I love your work. There is so much life in each piece. I was delighted to know that you have a blog.

So lovely to meet you.

Julia Denos said...

Really excellent monochromatic palette in these pieces...I really love her character design & mood too.

p.s. I'm just starting my new book and I'm at that nervous"yikes"/pumped stage. Reassured to hear it's a common feeling :)

Can't wait to see the finished book!

Vicki said...

Looks great so far! Wow, and great timing with the world cup! I love it when I can "write off" (time-wise) some TV watching. I excuse all of my Glee viewings by calling it "research", hee hee!

Brian Floca said...

These look great, Lauren!

DES said...

Yeah, I totally feel that way when searching for the final art "voice" of a new book. Enjoy every second! We do have the best job. Woo hoo! Oh yeah! It's our birthday!


Lauren Castillo said...

Thanks for the kind words guys!
I should clarify that these are sketches, and not final art. If only I were allowed to keep this monochromatic palette for finishes...One of these days I'll find a perfect excuse for such a color scheme :)

Sean Qualls said...

Nice work, Lauren! Did you use digital color for the sketches?
The same thing happens to me at the beginning of mostly every project. I guess uncertainty is just part of the process.

Alina Chau said...


Lauren Castillo said...

Thanks Sean and Alina!
Yes, that's just digital color on the sketches...I usually like to plop in a little color early on :)

matt said...

What great timing with the World Cup. In hindsight, that was probably a great opportunity for sketching. I also dig the monochrome. And the uncertainty thing is a given for me... sometimes it lasts longer than the beginning of the project. Seems to be part of the "process."